Overpopulation, natural all trace minerals food immunity and health

Errors of modern food. All the 75 trace minerals are in natural nutrition to prevent immune weakness, illnesses, our modern food and junk-food is deficient in trace minerals and causes sickness, pains and diseases.

Human health degeneration through food deficient of all trace minerals quality.

You are what you eat

Life is a process of distinctive All Mineral Nature. Any mineral deficiency in food results in immune weakness and degeneration.

What you eat determines what you are. However, natural food is as good as a thing of the past. With this science you are informed how to eat natural again. Furthermore, how to naturalize trace minerals deficient food to full all trace minerals quality and this with fully natural and simple means. With this science you can maintain natural immunity, vigorous immunity and natural health in spite of our minerals deficient food caused through the contemporary 'Trace Minerals Famine' we live in.

Did you know that the human natural food was never researched in full? Unbelievable but true! There is no documentation about human natural food. The term Balanced Diet is the only but empty intelligence in matters natural or healthy food for humans. How can our society maintain natural health without having full knowledge of human nutritional demand? Lack of proper food explains why our modern society is plagued with odd illnesses as never experienced before in human history.

This medical neglect of researching the specifics of human nutrition is now over! Peter Staheli's original and definite food research is here. With it, for the first time in history human natural food is written down in every biological detail. This new science exactly explains what kind and mineral quality of food is needed for best health and sound generation.

Logics of Aids   Logics of Cancer   Trace Minerals for Humans   Harry M. Hoxsey   Der Jungbrunnen Biological Warfare

Comparing the pre-civilization biosphere with our modern environment

Overpopulation changed our food and dwelling conditions. Evolution is knowingly punishing nutritional crimes with degeneration and population reduction. Our modern Aids and Cancer plaques are classic samples of natural 'thin out' of an overpopulated species.

This latest and unconventional research comprises, beside original bioelectrical science, the evolutionary natural food for humans. The real dietary demand for humans and animal life, which undoubtedly has to be of all trace minerals quality to foster natural generation. A daily food intake of all trace minerals quality only can sustain natural immunity and health. Natural immunity is an evolutional precondition to prevent any ills, and with it our modern odd infirmities. Human illnesses are mainly caused through trace minerals deficiency, which induces degeneration illnesses, and it opens as well the door for infectious diseases. This latest and an unconventional research about the the real natural food of all trace minerals quality is built upon the Law of the Minimum by Justus von Liebig. Peter Staheli's new food an fertilizer science is original, absolutely new and resulting from 20 years of independent research. His new food and fertilizer methodology has evolved without any influence of  contemporary agreed, but lacking and obsolete food science. Peter Staheli is a qualified electrical engineer and publishes, complimentary, new science in the field of static electricity and bioelectricity. His scientific findings in matters food and health are unique and original. The reason for that, as expert in electrical physics his approach and understanding of health were approached through a different focus, which offered such alternative insight.

Health degeneration through environmental change of food quality

Peter Staheli - Life Scientist
about the scientist   

This new science is not assumption but based on evolution and proven! Let's mention one proof that might be most enlightening for everyone. Peter Staheli at an age of 70, and his family and his children's families are all engaged in this natural food research since 10 years. All take the real natural food of all trace minerals quality, or food naturalized, rendered to all trace minerals quality, and that with absolute natural means. All of them have no family doctor, they never need medical help. Here some proof, check it out! All of them are only covered by Australian Medicare and Medicare never paid any medical bills for them in the last 10 years. No modern morbidities are suffered. Not even bad colds or any other seasonal complaint our society frequently suffers is affecting them as bad as the general population.

The going along with our contemporary nutritional assumptions for humans will have health consequences that become worse and worse. Let's be aware, the modern World is trapped in a manmade Trace Mineral Famine and that makes us the Aids and Cancer generation.

No population can grow indefinitely; eventually some biotic or abiotic variable will limit growth. Justus von Liebig's ''law of the minimum'' -- Holds that the growth of Human population is limited by the resource in shortest supply. Some of us have to go earlier and that is nature's will and a law of evolution.

Human Species Beware !

Mankind is in trouble, it loses evolutional predominance. Our modern health and immunity degeneration reaches already a phase in that we are overpowered by bacteria and virus of less advanced animal species.

Read this extraordinary article By Stephen Smith, Boston Globe on 4/29/2003.     Click here Human Degeneration

Sick soil, sick food, sick people

However, we can make the best out of this ultimate situation by scientific adaptation and that is exactly what Peter Staheli's new food science

Revolutionary new Science can end our manmade Trace Minerals Famine

This new science restores land to natural all trace minerals quality.
This new science offers a new fertilizing methodology that naturalizes agricultural land to full natural all trace minerals quality to enable again the growing of natural food of natural all trace minerals quality.
The real natural food is in reach again. This new science offers a natural methodology that naturalizes any food deficient in trace minerals to full natural all trace minerals quality, the natural quality on that mankind evolved. The natural food value of pre-civilization times is hence, available again.

This extraordinary and sole science revealed that human life needs all the minerals to maintain healthy bodily functions. Real natural food grown on virgin land carries 75 trace minerals. Our modern looted agricultural land and altered food growing methodologies offers no food of such all trace minerals quality anymore. Our modern food is highly deficient in trace minerals and causes our societies contemporary catastrophic health decline. Man interfered with evolution of natural food and that endangers his own evolution. 

Sick soil, sick plants, sick people ! Illness is the cause of unnatural living conditions! An adult person that is ill has to blame personal existential ignorance. A child that is ill has to blame parental existential ignorance. There are only two exceptions to this fact of evolution, 'Famine and Accident'. This latest  fully independent research about natural food shows that today most humans consume food that is disastrously unnatural and unhealthy. Overpopulation led to the production and intake of foods that are not only lethally deficient in trace minerals but also biochemical lethally unfit for human consumption. We produce and consume predominantly cereals and other seeds, which contain a surplus of inorganic acids and therefore, are anything else than a main part of human natural food and not at all becoming for the human digestive system, which is predominantly herbivorous. Many of modern foods are unsuited for the human digestion and generation. No wonder that our society is sick and debilitated as never before in history. No wonder that too many of our children grow up with physical handicaps as never experienced in the evolutional history of man.

We destroyed the natural food producing process

Overpopulation asked for more planting land and ignorantly we cut down all the trees to satisfy the ever growing demand for food. Through this reckless 'treecide' we maneuvered ourselves into an irrevocable: Trace Minerals Famine. Through this mistake we destroyed forever the natural all minerals availability for our food. Accordingly, natural food is no longer a matter of course and that causes our contemporary unnatural immune weakness and our epidemic illnesses of all kinds and in particular our epidemic susceptibility to Aids and Cancer. Never before in history have civilization illnesses and and immune weakness plagued modern mankind as it is the case today.

The tree is the evolutional all trace minerals provider for plants and land animal life. Without the tree planting and grazing land becomes poor in trace minerals. The tree is nature's Trace Minerals Rotator. The giant tree is nature's Trace Mineral Rotator and the guarantee of natural food for plant, animal and man. Through its deep reaching roots the tree enriches itself with all the trace minerals. Through its leaves this all trace minerals treasure is spread again and again all over the surface of Earth for the benefit of short rooted vegetation. Nature's Trace Minerals Rotation was intact through the tree. All the trace minerals were evenly distributed and accessible to all vegetation. The food chain was still in natural order and natural food of all trace minerals quality was assured.

The elimination of the tree world set the natural Trace Minerals Rotation out of action. The Trace Minerals Rotation is dead and consequently man and livestock are trapped in a Trace Minerals Famine.

Any upset of the all trace minerals balance, any deficiency of one or another element, however microscopic the body requirement may be, causes immune weakness, illnesses, suffering and a shorter life. Aids and Cancer are two classic examples of our modern natural food problem and trace minerals hunger. Aids and Cancer are unseeded but typical degeneration syndromes. It is a known fact that Aids and Cancer are classic immune deficiency illnesses and to day unnaturally broad experienced as never before in human history. 

Trace minerals deficiency in modern agriculture and in turn in modern food is well acknowledged. Also that trace minerals deficiency in food causes immune weakness and illnesses in humans and domesticated animals is a known fact. However, our medicine is at a loss about how many trace minerals are needed for top immunity and sound generation. It is now agreed that at least 16 trace minerals are indispensable for natural human generation. Nevertheless, with time more are always found in small amounts in the body. Naturally, if their precise physiological role has not been determined no one should classify them as unnecessary. Our medicine is still in the very dark abut the functioning of the human brain, how it ponders and memorizes. We still have to learn about many physical functions of the human body and should never forget that all is based on minerals.

With Peter Staheli's new science in natural food production and his natural food improvement methodology, our 'Trace Minerals Famine' can instantly be eliminated. This is achieved with a natural all trace minerals fertilizer, which grows in abundance all over the surface of the Globe. It is an all trace minerals fertilizer, which is easily obtainable in a never ending supply. This all trace minerals fertilizer carries the proportions of trace minerals like sea water, which is the cradle of human life. We are able to restore our planting and grazing lands to full natural all trace minerals quality. Naturally, such improvement needs time until new food of all trace minerals quality is available. However, Peter Staheli's new science offers a unique and fully natural way to bridge this waiting time. The same all trace minerals means that is used for fertilizing is also edible and as such appropriate to be consumed to render any defective daily intake of food to full natural all trace minerals quality. With other words this new science can instantly be applied for the benefit of human health.

 Life is an all minerals process - Immunity is all minerals chemistry !

The 'Periodic Table' The 'Tree of Life' !

Can a sound and educated mind really accept that the human life process and immune biochemistry is able to perform naturally with the now agreed 16 trace minerals? Surely there is no logic in such an assumption! What about the other 59 trace minerals that also exist in the Sea. What about the other 59 trace minerals that are incorporated in natural food and consumed by Homo sapiens in pre-civilization times? Where are our medical logics?

Let's be sensible, the Sea was the the cradle of human life. We need to accept the logic conclusion of all mineral need to avoid immune and physical degeneration.

80 Elements discovered in Sea Water

Element Name Chemical Symbol Element Name Chemical Symbol
Aluminum AL Molybdenum MO
Antimony SB Neodymium ND
Arsenic AS Nickel NI
Barium BA Niobium NB
Beryllium BE Osmium OS
Bismuth BI Palladium PD
Boron B Phosphorus P
Bromine BR Platinum PT
Cadmium CD Potassium K
Calcium CA Praseodymium PR
Carbon C Rhenium RE
Cerium CE Rhodium RH
Cesium CS Rubidium RB
Chloride CL Ruthenium RU
Chromium CR Samarium SM
Cobalt CO Scandium SC
Copper CU Selenium SE
Dysprosium DY Silicon SI
Erbium ER Silver AG
Europium EU Sodium NA
Fluoride F Strontium SR
Gadolinium GD Sulfur (sulfate) S
Gallium GA Tantalum TA
Germanium GE Tellurium TE
Gold AU Terbium TB
Hafnium HF Thallium TL
Holmium HO Thorium TH
Indium IN Thulium TM
Iodine I Tin SN
Iridium IR Titanium TI
Iron FE Tungsten W
Lanthanum LA Vanadium V
Lead PB Ytterbium YB
Lithium LI Yttrium Y
Lutetium LU Zinc ZN
Magnesium MG Zirconium ZR
Manganese MN Oxygen O
Mercury HG Hydrogen H

Ref. Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 65th Ed. 1984-1985, CRC Press, Boca Raton, Fl., p. F-149

Above is an article about 80 Elements discovered in sea water. Small traces of elements are very hard to find in seawater, and logically all the 92 minerals are in it. You might think what has Uranium, this radiating element, to do with evolution. You can be assured that nature has it built into the evolutionary process, it was there and it is still here and it had some influence and still has today.


This research was made without any help from outside and is published on the internet if someone comes up with the research costs. This new food science offers a fully natural supplant to render any deficient food to absolute natural all trace mineral quality. However, it will be released to the internet as soon a polity comes up for the research costs. Convincing proof is on offer with living humans that enjoy food that is artificially rendered to fully natural all trace minerals quality, since 10 years. Convincing proof is on offer with livestock on several properties that is fed with this all trace minerals food methodology. Properties of sheep and cattle, which demonstrate outstanding health best quality products and best return.

Next Chapter: The lost Trace Minerals Rotation.

Human health depends on natural dwelling conditions

Errors of modern dwelling. Modern dwelling is likely to cause unnatural electrical interference with the human bioelectrical life process. Unnatural electrical living conditions through civilization and overpopulation cause unnatural electrical interference with the human bioelectrical life process.

This picture shows how man, before civilization, lived direct on Earth enjoying and sharing the precise electrical neutrality with Earth. No electrical interference from atmosphere or through friction induced static electricity could changed the bioelectric null in the human biochemical life process. The human body mass was always earthed (grounded). No powerlines or any other static electricity could interfere with the human organism. Animals or livestock that still live direct on Earth are still enjoying the bioelectric null. powerlines agriculture  With civilization man insulated himself from Earth, there is no physical or electrical contact to Earth anymore. Modern dwellings and beds act as top insulators. Like the man on the picture left modern man is fully and perfectly insulated from Earth and with it lost the life protecting electrical neutrality (zero-potential). With it man's  bioelectric null is lost. The body mass shares now the voltage of the atmosphere or tribo electricity, which can reach several 1000 of volt. Naturally, the body's bioelectrical life process is in disarray.

Such natural uncontrolled energy from atmosphere, and man generated through friction, tribo electricity, and powerlines or other high voltage installations, induce degeneration and with it immune weakness, illnesses, neuropsychological pain and diseases. The life process is controlled by bio-electricity. So is the human brain the most advances computer of all times and needs Earth's neutrality on its mass to stabilize its functions. The body mass in that the bioelectronics of the human life process take place needs to be grounded, (earthed) to function naturally. Interestingly, our medicine knows the term bioelectric null (bio-null), but had never researched or pondered about its exact meaning in relation to the bioelectric life process and the consequences of its absence. NASA only became interested in the bioelectric null and adapted to measures to provide it a good as possible in space. Peter Staheli's Logic Life Science and  NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Living off Earth means having an electrically floating life process. In such unnatural condition any environmental electrical interference is able to falsifies biochemical and nervous actions in the human body that are out of tune of nature. Physical and neuropsychological faults are a natural consequence causing immune weakness and degeneration. We have to try to avoid such unnatural electrical influence of your body. More about in   Static electricity  and   Powerlines    

Civilization changed our dwelling conditions, we left the physical contact to Earth and live well insulated from it and that exposes us to uncontrolled energy that naturally saturates the atmosphere. This new science shows how to protect the human body from any electrical influence of an environment or the atmosphere and this even in Space.

Powerlines Humans     Powerlines Livestock    Static Electricity   Bio-electric null   Motion Sickness Bermuda Triangle  Cloning Genetic engineering


  What is Life?
Life is a process of distinctive All-Mineral nature. Controlled by electricity based on the bioelectric null, which is provided through contact with Earth. Any mineral deficiency in food, or environmental electrical interference due to missing contact with Earth results in immune weakness and degeneration. Now make out how unnatural you live: Off Earth contact with a floating bioelectrical life process that is on top of it unnaturally fed. Do you wonder about nature's answer to such a unnatural lifestyle. Nature answers disobedience of rules of life with illnesses and degeneration.


Fitness Marketing Tips

Good communication is always a desirable skill but in the field of personal training, it is perhaps the most crucial factor that can make or break your career as a fitness trainer. This is because, in personal training you will be forever interacting with different sets of people throughout the day and keeping your cool is vitally important.

Whether you have your own fitness business or work at a gym or want to apply for a fitness training job, you will be judged everywhere by how well you can communicate with others. Nobody wants a dourly trainer who is an introvert too and no amount of personal trainer courses and certificates can help you if your communicating skills are poor.

Why is Communication the Key

As personal trainers, you carry a huge responsibility of helping people achieve their fitness goals. Your clients will never be able to achieve the desired results if you cannot help them and show them the right way through effective communication. Gaining fitness marketing certifications is a long and arduous journey and your clients will look up to you for all the motivation and pep talk they need.

Motivate your Clients

You first job is to ensure that all your clients turn up regularly for their training and stay involved and responsible during each session. Motivation through right communication plays a huge part here as many of them will want to quit midway for various reasons. You must be able to set their priorities right and put them back on the right track.

A generic approach here will not help as you will need to combine both empathy and strictness in how you deal with different clients. Athletes and youngsters may expect a drill instructor’-like approach while middle-aged clients or the elderly may want you to treat them more as a friend. Some clients will want more encouragement while others may be more responsive with just a few words. Sending email to your clients once a day is a great way to keep them accountable and motivated.

Educate your Clients 

Educating your clients is just as important as motivating them. As a personal trainer, one of your primary goals would be to teach your clients how to lead a healthy life and follow a productive workout routine. This is not easy as people already have their own preferences and indulgences and changing lifelong habits is difficult.

However, you have the knowledge and opportunity to empower people through education about how to lead healthier and a more fulfilling life all you need to do is choose the right words and approach. You should also have a sound knowledge of all personal trainer courses and be able to communicate that in a simple and engaging manner.

Instil Confidence 

Good communication skills make you confident of yourself and some of that confidence rubs off on your clients too. They will have more faith in your competence once they feel that you are the right authority to handle their health and fitness issues. They will also enjoy each session once they start believing in themselves with great results to show too. When you enrolled in your personal trainer course, you should have learned how to promote personal training on Instagram.

Expand your Own Business 

Last but not least, good communication helps you spread your business like nothing else. Socializing is crucial in the business of fitness training to get good wages and your personal trainer courses will not have much impact if you cannot advertise your own competence and expertise.

Try Functional Training For Best Weight Loss Results

Discipline is a key word in the camp, and if you are a bit weak mentally, and try to drop out or fall behind others, it’s taken care of rather quickly. Though this is a civilian run training camp, the enforcement of exercise is without any let up. Once the initial period is over, you will find the going easier, and will oot camp happy that you joined up.

How Functional Training Can Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight and getting a healthy body has been a thing of concern for millions of people worldwide, though the ages. There are many tried and tested methods for weight loss. Functional training programs for weight loss are the latest entry. Functional training is quickly gaining popularity as a sure shot weight loss hub.

What is Functional Training?

Originally, Functional training is the term given to the military camp that is designed for new military recruits. In this camp, the newbie soldiers are accustomed with various harsh conditions that they will be facing in their future endeavors. They undergo rigorous physical routines that make the body healthy and fit.

Functional training certifications are designed on the same note as military boot camps but the difference between the two is that the routines here are specially designed for individual entrants with the goal of weight loss and body fitness.

How to Choose a Gold Coast Personal Trainer

It is very important to exercise regularly in order to stay fit. An active lifestyle will keep you away from all kinds of diseases like diabetes and chronic heart disorders.  Joining a boot camp in Gold Coast is a good option for those who want to lose weight and stay fit.

Fitness camps are fast gaining popularity among people because of its flexibility and approach towards ones well-being on the whole. These camps have fitness instructors to help out with the members. The Gold Coast Personal Trainer s are well qualified to ensure that you get the maximum health benefits from these camps.

These days since most people do not have the time to join fitness camps, they are hiring personal trainers. Discussed here are some tips that you need to keep in mind while choosing a Personal Trainer Gold Coast. Click here www.personaltrainergoldcoast.net for more awesome workouts!

Check Qualifications

It is important that the fitness instructor you chose holds a certificate from a national accredited organization. This way you can be sure that you are training with a skilled and knowledgeable professional. The certification indicated that he has the required knowledge for giving you a safe and effective workout.

Compare Rates

The Personal Trainer ’s fees will vary according to his experience and reputation. A trainer working at any local fitness center will charge less than one who runs an independent fitness center. The rates of the trainer will also vary according to his location and the amount of time he spends with you. So chose somebody who fits in your budget.


It is always recommended to get at least a couple of references about your Personal Trainer in the Gold Coast before you make your final choice. Contact the clients and find out if they were satisfied with the training experience and results. Also enquire if the trainer is punctual and regular in his classes.

Ask Questions

It is important that you ask the Gold Coast Personal Trainer the right questions so that you can eliminate those who do not fit your list. Enquire about his training methods and how he plans to approach the whole fitness things.

Find out if you are comfortable with his plans and methodology. Also find out what his core specialty is and whether it matches with your needs. Check whether he has any cancellation or refund policies.

Gold Coast Personal Trainer s can be found online by doing a search. Make sure to specify the location.

A Papillon Puppy I Met in Florida

I was just on vacation in Florida and met the cutest listtle puppy I have ever seen.

I’d never seen one before, the breed is called Papillon.

Here it is here…

After a quick check on WIKI I found out this really interesting info…

The Papillon (French pronunciation: [papijɔ̃]“butterfly[-eared]”), also called the Continental Toy Spaniel, is a breed of dog of the Spaniel type. One of the oldest of the toy spaniels, it derives its name from its characteristic butterfly-like look of the long and fringed hair on the ears, the French word for “butterfly” being papillon.

Anyway, my girlfreind and I fell in love with this little dog so have decided to buy one.

Are papillon puppies Florida based, or can you buy them anywhere in the United States?

Please comment below, thanks!

How Many Calories Should I Have A Day to Lose Weight?

Many people wonder about the right calorie amount they should eat when they are trying to lose weight.

But losing weight requires a firm commitment, strong resolve and good physical workouts. However, even if you go by the book, shedding those extra pounds at times can prove difficult. Given below are a few tips to make your quest a bit easier.

The first step: How many calories should I have a day ? It’s really important to figure this out as you don’t want to waste all your efforts by eating too many calories after a workout.



If you want to shed weight you have to make a firm mental commitment and a firm start.

On the fluid front

If you are a tea drinker think of switching over to green tea. Green tea has the capability to burn additional calories because it contains some anti-oxidants which are metabolism-enhancing. You should also keep a watch on other liquids you consume such as coffee, juices, wine and sodas. These beverages can add a whole lot of additional calories which become difficult to burn off.

Go easy on salt

When you use normal salt in your food the sodium in the salt helps water retention which in turn produces a bloated look. Edible items such as canned foods, soups and drinks contain hidden salt, more than your body requires. Keep away from salty snacks like pretzels, chips and other pre-packaged foods.

Importance of exercise

Try and incorporate a medium physical workout at least twice a week in your schedule. If scheduled workouts are not possible use your natural lifestyle to stay physically active. You could climb the stairs instead of using the elevator.

Walk instead of using the bus or train service. Take the dog out for a nice long walk, and make your house-cleaning am ‘active’ chore. All these even seemingly normal activities will help your body to burn additional calories. Combined with the right diet you are in line for achieving easy weight loss.

If would also be a good idea to join a fitness group to keep you motivated and push harder on the exercise. Visit http://www.6weekbody.com.au/weight-loss/how-to-lose-weight-fast/ for more information.

Don’t neglect sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is of upmost importance for keeping good health. Less sleep results in slower metabolism and burning of calories.

Go in for ‘weights’

You should invest in five-pound weights which will help you to burn calories and build muscle. Strength training such as lifting weights will result in quicker weight loss. However before using the weights warm up with a few squats, push-ups and lunges. Then use the weights to do triceps pulls and biceps curls. Repeated around four times a week these exercises will reward you with rapid physical improvements.


You will hear many people grumbling about how much time and effort it takes to lose weight – whether through dieting or exercise. Women, especially, tend to decide to shed unwanted pounds when they have a special occasion coming up. Of course losing weight should be a planned programme giving it enough time to work.

However, if you follow the above mentioned tips you will be able to rev up your body’s metabolism which will burn calories faster and result in appreciable weight loss. But when time permits go in for a long term approach when it comes to losing weight. It will prove easier and less traumatic.




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