Fitness Marketing Tips

Good communication is always a desirable skill but in the field of personal training, it is perhaps the most crucial factor that can make or break your career as a fitness trainer. This is because, in personal training you will be forever interacting with different sets of people throughout the day and keeping your cool is vitally important.

Whether you have your own fitness business or work at a gym or want to apply for a fitness training job, you will be judged everywhere by how well you can communicate with others. Nobody wants a dourly trainer who is an introvert too and no amount of personal trainer courses and certificates can help you if your communicating skills are poor.

Why is Communication the Key

As personal trainers, you carry a huge responsibility of helping people achieve their fitness goals. Your clients will never be able to achieve the desired results if you cannot help them and show them the right way through effective communication. Gaining fitness marketing certifications is a long and arduous journey and your clients will look up to you for all the motivation and pep talk they need.

Motivate your Clients

You first job is to ensure that all your clients turn up regularly for their training and stay involved and responsible during each session. Motivation through right communication plays a huge part here as many of them will want to quit midway for various reasons. You must be able to set their priorities right and put them back on the right track.

A generic approach here will not help as you will need to combine both empathy and strictness in how you deal with different clients. Athletes and youngsters may expect a drill instructor’-like approach while middle-aged clients or the elderly may want you to treat them more as a friend. Some clients will want more encouragement while others may be more responsive with just a few words. Sending email to your clients once a day is a great way to keep them accountable and motivated.

Educate your Clients 

Educating your clients is just as important as motivating them. As a personal trainer, one of your primary goals would be to teach your clients how to lead a healthy life and follow a productive workout routine. This is not easy as people already have their own preferences and indulgences and changing lifelong habits is difficult.

However, you have the knowledge and opportunity to empower people through education about how to lead healthier and a more fulfilling life all you need to do is choose the right words and approach. You should also have a sound knowledge of all personal trainer courses and be able to communicate that in a simple and engaging manner.

Instil Confidence 

Good communication skills make you confident of yourself and some of that confidence rubs off on your clients too. They will have more faith in your competence once they feel that you are the right authority to handle their health and fitness issues. They will also enjoy each session once they start believing in themselves with great results to show too. When you enrolled in your personal trainer course, you should have learned how to promote personal training on Instagram.

Expand your Own Business 

Last but not least, good communication helps you spread your business like nothing else. Socializing is crucial in the business of fitness training to get good wages and your personal trainer courses will not have much impact if you cannot advertise your own competence and expertise.


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