How Many Calories Should I Have A Day to Lose Weight?

Many people wonder about the right calorie amount they should eat when they are trying to lose weight.

But losing weight requires a firm commitment, strong resolve and good physical workouts. However, even if you go by the book, shedding those extra pounds at times can prove difficult. Given below are a few tips to make your quest a bit easier.

The first step: How many calories should I have a day ? It’s really important to figure this out as you don’t want to waste all your efforts by eating too many calories after a workout.



If you want to shed weight you have to make a firm mental commitment and a firm start.

On the fluid front

If you are a tea drinker think of switching over to green tea. Green tea has the capability to burn additional calories because it contains some anti-oxidants which are metabolism-enhancing. You should also keep a watch on other liquids you consume such as coffee, juices, wine and sodas. These beverages can add a whole lot of additional calories which become difficult to burn off.

Go easy on salt

When you use normal salt in your food the sodium in the salt helps water retention which in turn produces a bloated look. Edible items such as canned foods, soups and drinks contain hidden salt, more than your body requires. Keep away from salty snacks like pretzels, chips and other pre-packaged foods.

Importance of exercise

Try and incorporate a medium physical workout at least twice a week in your schedule. If scheduled workouts are not possible use your natural lifestyle to stay physically active. You could climb the stairs instead of using the elevator.

Walk instead of using the bus or train service. Take the dog out for a nice long walk, and make your house-cleaning am ‘active’ chore. All these even seemingly normal activities will help your body to burn additional calories. Combined with the right diet you are in line for achieving easy weight loss.

If would also be a good idea to join a fitness group to keep you motivated and push harder on the exercise. Visit http://www.6weekbody.com.au/weight-loss/how-to-lose-weight-fast/ for more information.

Don’t neglect sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is of upmost importance for keeping good health. Less sleep results in slower metabolism and burning of calories.

Go in for ‘weights’

You should invest in five-pound weights which will help you to burn calories and build muscle. Strength training such as lifting weights will result in quicker weight loss. However before using the weights warm up with a few squats, push-ups and lunges. Then use the weights to do triceps pulls and biceps curls. Repeated around four times a week these exercises will reward you with rapid physical improvements.


You will hear many people grumbling about how much time and effort it takes to lose weight – whether through dieting or exercise. Women, especially, tend to decide to shed unwanted pounds when they have a special occasion coming up. Of course losing weight should be a planned programme giving it enough time to work.

However, if you follow the above mentioned tips you will be able to rev up your body’s metabolism which will burn calories faster and result in appreciable weight loss. But when time permits go in for a long term approach when it comes to losing weight. It will prove easier and less traumatic.




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